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Green Culture

An internationally distinguished green hospital.
71% less CO2 emissions in 10 years.

Green culture is embedded in our genetics. This has been developed from the very conception of the architectural project, with respect for the environmental and orographic characteristics of the surroundings of the Natural Park of Gallecs, an outstanding agricultural space in the geographical area of ​​Vallès, and always looking for systems and methods of water use, and the commitment to renewable energies and energy efficiency.

Our goal is to achieve a neutral carbon footprint

Hospitals are some of the public centres with the greatest energy impact on the environment. For this reason, green culture must be part of the strategy and permeate the structure and processes of our centres. We work on waste management, appropriate use of resources, mobility, clinical management, and optimization of processes in order to reduce the environmental impact of our activity. Because, just as we are part of the problem, we must also be part of the solution.

Green centers

Our Mollet University Hospital has won the Silver award in the Ashikaga-Nikken Excellence Award for Green Hospitals category of the International Awards 2021.

Green Projects

Icon Patis

Natural courtyards and sustainable architecture

Natural courtyards filter natural light in all rooms, reducing light consumption by 40% and CO2 emissions by 280,000 kg.

Imatge Patis de llum
Imatge de sostres radiants
Icon Sostres radiants

Radiant ceilings and sustainable roofs

The gravel and plant rooftops improve the thermal insulation and acoustic comfort. The radiant ceilings are an air conditioning system.

Icon recollida d'aigua pluvial

Collection and use of rainwater

An 80m3 cistern collects rainwater for the courtyards. In 10 years, annual water consumption had been reduced from 32,000 to 26,000 m3.

Imatge de Recollida i aprofitament d’aigua pluvial
Imatge de Energia geotèrmica
Icono Energia geotèrmica

Geothermal energy

148 wells of 146 meters deep reduce the air conditioning energy consumption by 30%. One of the largest projects in Europe.

Imatge icon 100% d’energia elèctrica renovable

100% renewable electricity

100% of the electricity we consume comes from renewable energy sources since 2017.

Imatge de 100% d’energia elèctrica renovable
Imatge de Reciclatge i gestió de residus
icon de Reciclatge i gestió de residus

Recycling and waste management

In 10 years we have increased from 9 to 25 the types of waste we manage. We will continue to focus on recycling and waste management.

Imatge de Instal·lació de plaques fotovoltaiques

Solar Panel New Installation

1,368 solar panels in 6,500m2. A saving of 120 tons of CO2 emissions. It provides 12,5% of the hospital’s overall energy

Imatge de Instal·lació de plaques fotovoltaiques

Our Goal

To achieve a carbon neutral footprint by 2030

Our spaces, environment and processes contribute to improving health. The Mollet University Hospital stands out for its architecture, a paradigm of this comprehensive approach and of our commitment to climate change

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